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We have been in the field for over two years and have helped many businesses and individuals locally with their business development and consulting needs. We’ll bring the clients and do the work for you, so just sit back and earn! Our business has allowed us to reach a large number of people and make our services more affordable and accessible since it has always been a passion for us.

Build Your Dream

2 Years Of Undefeated Success

– No marketing fees.
– Our own team is available.
– We generate fresh leads for your business.

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Build Your Dream

Quality Services

Generate more B2B prospects

With our best strategies and campaigns, we focus on generating more leads for the business and helping you grow your business

Find and target the right audience

With our best strategies and campaigns, we focus on generating more leads for the business and helping you grow your business

Discover similar companies (Market Research)

Market Research is a very important factor in order to plan working strategies and campaigns. Our team will get you the report and will be in constant touch with you for the further steps of planning.


One stop solution for your Business to be a Brand

We Follow Best Practices

Why Choose Yorteks?

We provide our users with easy access to switching between companies and contacts using our Sales Intelligence platform.

Our system makes it easy for you to integrate high-quality B2B data into your workflow and export lead lists or assign them to colleagues. You can then process these lists directly in your CRM system.

Streamline your sales pipeline with intelligent, compliant B2B data and speak directly with the right contact fast.

We develop sales triggers for seamless customer acquisition, and we integrate trade registers and financial reports, which allow you to instantly assess the potential for a new customer.

The AI system we use organizes your customers into different market segments, then helps you find similar companies in these groups.

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How we're different

We have the industry expertise needed to properly handle the needs of your company. To assist with building the business of your dreams, we thoroughly investigate the most recent trends.

The moral standards that shape a person’s behavior at work. We are not only trustworthy but also responsive, giving you only the greatest outcomes without compromising our work ethics.

A distinctive user experience and a business that stands out from the competition are two things that a creative business development company like ours can help you achieve.