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We provide our users with easy access to switching between companies and contacts
using our Sales Intelligence platform.

 Streamline your sales pipeline with intelligent, compliant B2B data and speak directly
with the right contact fast.
Our system makes it easy for you to integrate high-quality B2B data into your workflow
and export lead lists or assign them to colleagues. You can then process these lists
directly in your CRM system.
We develop sales triggers for seamless customer acquisition, and we integrate trade
registers and financial reports, which allow you to instantly assess the potential for a new
 The AI system we use organizes your customers into different market segments, then
helps you find similar companies in these groups.

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Frequently asked questions about learning management systems:

A learning management system (also called an LMS) is a software application for organizations and institutions to manage, host, and track learning programs.

An LMS is used to create, deliver, manage, and assess learning experiences in both educational and corporate environments. Organizations can create and store courses within the software, and the LMS automatically evaluates assessments and prepares data reports, saving institutions precious time and resources.

An open-source LMS allows anyone public access to the source file code directly to develop, study, and improve the system without restrictions. Organizations can scale as necessary, customize as required, and easily transfer content without being locked in with a vendor. A closed source LMS requires purchased licenses and authentication and is not accessible by the general public. It’s generally less flexible and more limited in its usage.

The most important features of an LMS are: Content management and creation – Performance and progress tracking – Multi-device compatibility – Exceptional service and support

An LMS streamlines content creation and delivery for diverse users, ensuring a uniform learning experience across devices. Learners enjoy self-paced study with support services to overcome challenges. The system monitors user progress, aiding instructors in identifying those needing extra help and top performers. It’s a cost-effective solution, saving organizations time and money by offering flexible, convenient courses, reducing in-person class expenses, and enabling users to focus solely on relevant learning segments.

An LMS lets users access their learning materials from anywhere, on any device. Users can consume learning experiences where and how they’re most comfortable, and that makes the experiences more meaningful for learners.